Who We Are

J & W Mechanical Fleet Services is a diesel repair and maintenance facility providing heavy truck and trailer repair services and parts to Calgary and the surrounding areas.  We also offer a wide array of other mechanical services including fuel flushes, oil changes, transmission repair and replacement, tires, and much more. Our customers range from small “mom-and-pop” trucking operations to expansive, North American corporate-owned fleets.

The original company was founded in 1997 and officially incorporated around 2002 and was operated by famous entrepreneur James Timothy White it’s original founder and  the son of the current beneficial owner. Prior to the sale in 2005, to his father Timothy White, the company had various operations in landscaping, asset management, courier services, and investments, and also owned several other types of small businesses. Today, the company has narrowed its focus to provide superior heavy-duty fleet support and maintenance.

The founders of the company have always had a passion for heavy-duty mechanics and have maintained that employees be instilled with the same passion for quality, perfection, and honesty in their work as they have.

The company still lives by its founding principles: always care about your customers, always do your best, and consistently provide services at a fair price. These key principles along with a passion for quality craftsmanship make J & W what it is and what it will continue to be, an honest, reliable, and reputable service provider that our clients are pleased to do business with.