Semi-Truck Repair Shop

If you’re part of the local trucking sector in Calgary and throughout Alberta, you already know that vehicles operating throughout the province are subjected to some of the most diverse terrain and the harshest weather in the world. Being in the badlands of Drumheller, crossing Edmonton via the Yellowhead Trail, or even driving on Highway 63 to Fort McMurray means dealing with all kinds of landscapes, and, depending on the time of year, natural elements.

That means semi-trucks in Alberta need to be rigorously maintained, and if something goes wrong, the repair needs to be done right the first time. If you’re in the Calgary area and you’re in search of a reliable semi-truck repair shop near you, J & W Mechanical Fleet Services is the place to go.

Who We Are

For over 20 years, J & W Mechanical Fleet Services has been keeping working truckers on the road. It was founded in 1997 by owner Timothy White, a trusted professional in the industry who works as a first-rate licensed mechanic.

Today, this semi-truck repair shop near you continues to serve as a Canadian company providing quality solutions to Canadian drivers and businesses. When you turn to J & W, you’re working with a company that has the people, tools, experience, and local knowledge to ensure that your semi-truck is fully functional. We also see to it that your vehicle complies with provincial regulations so you can have peace of mind while driving.

Licensed And Certified

J & W Mechanical Fleet Services is a semi-truck repair shop near you that is a licensed Alberta Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP) facility. This means that when we work on your vehicle, any CVIP inspector who checks it afterward will find that everything meets their standards. 

One of the reasons we’re so good at repairs that pass CVIP inspections is because we’re inspectors ourselves. We’re not just a semi-truck repair shop near you; we’re also the place to go if you need a vehicle inspection so you can get certified and continue to work and drive throughout the province.

Not Just The Truck

At J & W, we pride ourselves on being the semi-truck repair shop near you that can handle all the aspects of professional trucking. Even if the issue is with the trailer and not the truck itself, you can count on us to address it. 

Our facilities come complete with a fabrication capability. If there’s a problem with the trailer or other parts of the vehicle that may require welding or custom fabrication, you don’t have to go to another facility. We can fix those issues on-site as part of our service for our valued clients.

Drive In Comfort

It’s not just the engine and trailer we work on, either. Driving in Alberta during the summer can be suffocating without proper air conditioning, so we do A/C repair. With a semi-truck repair shop near you like J & W Mechanical Fleet Services, you can have all of your trucking needs met in one visit.

Mechanical Work You Can Trust

And finally, J & W Mechanical Fleet Services is a place you can trust to do the most critical of tasks: repairing the components of your engine. This is the heart of our business, and our staff has decades of experience in semi-truck repair. Our aim is to keep working drivers happy and confident behind the wheel.

Whether you need services for specific parts or a more elaborate analysis such as computer diagnostics or a scheduled check-up for preventive maintenance, we can get it done for you. If you know something is wrong but you’re not sure what the exact issue is, we can track it down and fix it so it won’t get in the way of your work or driving schedule.

Work With Us Today

No matter what kind of solutions you need for your truck, if you’re after a semi-truck repair shop near you that will allow you to drive safely at all times, don’t hesitate to visit J & W. This is a 100% Canadian owned and operated family business that understands how important the industry is to Calgary and the rest of Alberta. 

Drive down, call us, or email us today if you’re looking to request a repair or an inspection. When you entrust your vehicle to J & W Mechanical Fleet Services, you’re assisted by trucking experts who take our responsibility to our customers seriously. We know that we’re serving hardworking drivers, so we make sure that every action we take is always in their best interests.