What Responsibilities Do Calgary Heavy Equipment Technician Jobs Carry?

What Responsibilities Do Calgary Heavy Equipment Technician Jobs Carry?

Are you a skilled heavy equipment technician? Does the smell of diesel and the roar of a big engine get your blood pumping? Perhaps you’re looking for job security with good pay potential in an expanding industry sector. Regardless, Calgary heavy equipment technician jobs can give you a start on a rewarding, lifelong career. What sort of responsibilities might you have in such a position? While those will vary depending on your employer, there are quite a few common duties, and the variety ensures that you’re able to use both problem-solving skills and experience to serve a range of customers.

Duties With Calgary Heavy Equipment Technician Jobs

The responsibilities of heavy equipment technicians should be familiar to anyone with training and experience in the industry. They include but are not limited to:

  • Diagnosing engine malfunctions
  • Repairing or replacing diesel and gasoline engine components
  • Maintaining, repairing or replacing brake systems
  • Diagnosing, repairing or replacing power steering components
  • Inspect heavy trucks, RVs and other heavy equipment for proper operation and maintenance needs
  • Maintain, repair or replace electronic systems, including alternators, generators, starters, solenoids and more
  • Repair, inspect or replace transmissions and hydraulic systems
  • Test all repairs and replacements for proper operation

Calgary heavy equipment technician jobs provide a variety of responsibilities that ensure you are able to enjoy a fast-paced, changing environment that doesn’t get stale from day to day.

Where to Find Employment?

While the heavy equipment service sector is growing, it can be difficult to find employment at times, particularly if you’re seeking a company that is dedicated to both customers and employees. The right employer offers a mixture of benefits that should include a fast-paced work environment, above average salaries for Calgary heavy equipment technician jobs, and work serving clients in the construction, forestry, mining, oil, transportation and material handling industries.

Why J&W Fleet Mechanical Fleet Services?

At J&W, we have served clients in Calgary and the surrounding area for over 15 years. Our in-depth experience and expertise ensures that our customers receive outstanding work and repairs, while our employees enjoy better compensation, as well as a challenging, fast-paced work environment. Founded in 1997 by James Timothy White, J&W has undergone considerable growth, and today has a laser-honed focus on providing the best possible mechanical fleet services to Calgary area customers in a broad range of industries.

Calgary heavy equipment technician jobs with J&W Mechanical Fleet Services ensure that you’re engaged, challenged and better compensated for your time and expertise than with other employers. Our growth and dedication ensure a steady stream of work, with no wasted downtime. Because we serve such a wide range of industries, our technicians always have interesting responsibilities, from maintaining logging trucks to repairing mining equipment and more. If you’re seeking a rewarding, challenging career in the heavy-duty vehicle service sector, we invite you to contact us today at 403-248-1696 or to submit your resume and job application today via our website.