Key Factors in Differentiating Heavy Duty Mechanic Shops for Employment

Key Factors in Differentiating Heavy Duty Mechanic Shops for Employment

Whether you’re a credentialed heavy duty mechanic or you’re considering becoming an apprentice, you need to find the right place to work. While Calgary is home to a number of different heavy duty mechanic shops, they’re not all created equal. There are both good and bad employers, as well as shops that don’t have enough business to keep you working throughout the year. Making the right decision here is essential not only to ensuring that you can pay your bills, but to finding a long-term employer.

Volume and Pace

You’ve been there before – you hire on with one of the area’s heavy duty mechanic shops only to find that they don’t have the volume of work necessary to keep their mechanics busy. Perhaps you find that you have to split work, or are put on a part-time basis. Maybe you’ve been laid off due to a decrease in volume. Make sure that the shop you ultimately choose not only has the volume to support its employees, but that their volume is growing.

The pace of the work environment is also important. If it’s too slow, you’ll grow bored, faced with a lot of downtime. In a fast-paced environment, you’re able to complete a job and move directly to the next. There are several benefits to this. Obviously, it makes the workweek move by faster. However, it also ensures that you’re always doing something, and usually something new and interesting.

Scope of the Work

Heavy duty mechanic shops can provide service for a very wide range of vehicles and clients. However, too many specialize in just one type of service. While you might have work, chances are good you’ll be doing the same thing day in and day out. Look for heavy duty mechanic shops that serve a range of different industries so that you can enjoy variety and learn new things daily.

At J&W Mechanical Fleet Services, we provide services to an incredibly wide range of industries, including:

  • Oil and gas
  • Forestry
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Farming
  • Material handling
  • Land clearing/landscaping

This means that our shop sees a constant flow of different vehicles, all in need of various services. Unlike other heavy duty mechanic shops, our employees are always engaged in a fast-paced environment where they’re just as likely to perform a fuel system flush as an oil and filter change, or to diagnose and repair a transmission as to service vehicle tools and implements.

Committed to Mutual Success

Most heavy duty mechanic shops are committed to their own success, but at J&W, we pride ourselves on striving to build success for not only ourselves, but also our customers and our employees. We consider our mechanics as part of the family, and helping them grow their career success is one of our goals. We hold ourselves to a higher standard in terms of honesty, transparency and quality service. If that sounds good, we invite you to become part of the family. Submit your application online, or call us today at 403-248-1696.