Heavy Truck Repair

Alberta is the gateway to Western Canada, and from Calgary, this becomes apparent if you take a look in that direction and see the Rocky Mountains in the distance. Because of its location, a lot of freight comes through Alberta, and it is the heavy truck that is the workhorse of commercial transport. Heavy trucks can be seen traveling the Yellowhead Trail to Edmonton, going up north on Highway 63 to Fort McMurray, and crossing the Rockies into British Columbia. They are huge and powerful, and they can be used to go anywhere that can’t be accessed by train. While the ability of heavy trucks to haul freight and endure even the harshest Alberta weather is impressive, they’re only reliable if you take care of them, and that’s where J & W Mechanical Fleet Services comes in with heavy truck repair.

A Proud Calgary Tradition

J & W Mechanical Fleet Services has been one of the most respected heavy truck repair facilities in Calgary for over 20 years. The founder, owner, and original operator, Timothy White, started the business in 1997. He didn’t just invest in the company—he also worked in it as a licensed mechanic who brought his reputation with him into his own business.

Now, this heavy truck repair shop continues to carry on Timothy White’s tradition of fair pricing, excellent results, and, most important of all, reliability. J & W Mechanical Fleet Services understands that heavy trucks exist for one reason: perform serious commercial and industrial work, all within the regulations set out by the province and the rest of the country. We make sure that if you need a heavy truck repair, it’s done right the first time, every time.

Properly Licensed And Certified

J & W Mechanical Fleet Services is a heavy truck repair shop that is also licensed with the Alberta Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program. This means drivers and fleet managers can rest easy knowing that any repair conducted by our team is always in compliance with provincial regulations.

Not only are we aware of CVIP regulations, but we enforce them ourselves as well. J & W Mechanical Fleet Services is authorized to conduct CVIP inspections, so our first mandate is to do the kind of repair job we would approve of if we were inspecting it ourselves.

Versatile Operations

J & W Mechanical Fleet Services is professional, no-nonsense, and thorough in tackling repairs. We understand that a heavy truck repair involves dealing with a lot of components and that the issues concerning a professional commercial or industrial vehicle may go beyond the engine.

As such, we have our own fabrication facilities on-site. If there’s something we need to complete a repair, we can often fabricate it ourselves rather than spend more time and resources by sourcing a part from another vendor or fabrication service provider.

Your Environment Is Important

While the mechanics of the engine and the trailer are essential, environmental comfort is crucial for ensuring that drivers perform their job well. Due to the infamous cold of Albertan winters combined with the relentless heat of summer, the hours on the road can take their toll on a truck’s heating and cooling systems.

J & W Mechanical Fleet Services is here to ensure that drivers remain comfortable in a climate-controlled environment, regardless of the season. We can also work on other features, such as critical refrigeration components for trailers, to maintain their functionality with heavy truck repair.

Our Core Competency

Of course, our first area of focus was, is, and always will be the repair of crucial components in the engine. That is where we started, and we continue to excel in the area with effective, reliable solutions.

It doesn’t matter if the issue is with the fuel system, the powertrain, the clutch, or some other component. Our staff has the experience to track the problem down and the tools to achieve precision in tasks such as a computer diagnostic analysis. Whatever your problem may be, even if you’re not sure where it is or what exactly is causing it, expect that we will be able to address it.

Let Us Help You With Our Heavy Truck Repair

If you want heavy truck repair, an inspection, or preventive maintenance for your commercial vehicle or fleet, J & W Mechanical Fleet Services is ready to help you. From a humble family business, this company has grown into one of Calgary’s most trusted service providers, keeping local truck operators on the roads of Alberta and the rest of Canada.

Drive down, call us, or email us today if you need repairs or an inspection. When you entrust your heavy truck repair work and other needs to J & W Mechanical Fleet Services, you get professionals who hold their obligation to clients in the highest regard. We aim to ensure that you can work with peace of mind every day.