Four Things to Consider With a Heavy Truck Oil Change

All fleet owners know that having properly maintained vehicles is essential to the success of their business. However, those who are relatively new to the industry may not fully understand that the schedules they have for their heavy truck oil changes in Calgary might not be correct. That’s because there are actually a number of factors that will help to dictate just how often a vehicle will need the oil changes. In this article, we’ll cover several of the most important elements, which can help to give fleet owners a better idea of how often they will need to change the oil.

The Engine’s Design

First, you have to consider the engine. What is the design of the engine, and what is the recommendation for changing the oil. This is typically a good standard to use, but it is not always sufficient.

Age and Condition of the Engine

If the engine is older and it is not in as good of a condition as it once was, you may find that you need to have a heavy truck oil change in Calgary more often than someone who has a newer engine or one that is in better condition.

The Driving Conditions

This is a very important factor. What type of driving conditions are your trucks going through? If they are driving long distances in harsh conditions, then the need for an oil change might come sooner than with a truck that simply goes around the town delivering locally, for example.

Quality of the Oil

Always make sure you are using the best quality oil, along with great professionals, when it comes to your oil and oil changes. Better quality oil will typically mean that you can last longer between the changes.

Keep in mind that it is a good idea to work with a professional company such as J&W Mechanical for oil changes and diesel repair in Calgary. They offer a truck stop with a drive thru lube shop, which helps to make it fast and simple to get an oil change. They do not even require that you have an appointment before you stop in for a change.