Why Consider Working in Heavy Duty Mechanic Shops?

Are you looking to start a rewarding career working with mechanical systems? If you think being an automotive mechanic is your only option, a quick look at the various heavy-duty mechanic shops around Calgary will show you the true breadth of your options. In fact, becoming a heavy-duty mechanic can offer you a wide range of benefits.


When it comes to salary, you’ll find that heavy-duty mechanics earn a significant amount. The annual salary according to ALIS is over $67,000 per year. Of course, a great deal of your earning potential will be determined by 1) your experience and certification level (apprentice or journeyman), and by 2) the shop in which you work. Not all mechanic shops pay the national average, with some paying less, and some more.


Again, your specific responsibilities will vary in different heavy-duty mechanic shops, but some of the most common include the following:

  • Oil and filter changes on a variety of gasoline and diesel engines
  • Transmission service, repair and replacement
  • Service, repair and replacement of attachments and working tools like ploughs, blades, buckets, scoops and more
  • Repair work on RVs, buses, heavy trucks and other vehicles
  • Repair and service work on vehicle braking systems
  • Service, maintenance and repair or replacement of electrical components
  • Repair, service and replacement of wheels, tracks, frames and other suspension systems


Those choosing to find employment with one of the heavy-duty mechanic shops in Calgary will enjoy a fast-paced environment. However, that’s not true for all shops. Many shops see significant slowdowns throughout the year. J & W Mechanical Fleet Services serves a broad enough range of industries that our employees are always busy – slowdowns are the exception, not the rule. Not only does the fast pace of our shop ensure that you’re never bored, but that you have a chance to earn more (we also pay higher than the industry average).

Future Proof

While many career choices are limited by future evolution and changes (the downgraded role of automotive mechanics in providing maintenance for consumer vehicles, for instance), the heavy vehicle industry is different. Growth in this sector means one thing – more demand for qualified heavy-duty mechanics with the experience, knowledge, and expertise to handle a wide range of maintenance and service needs.

At J&W, we serve the forestry, construction, material handling, oil and gas, transportation, and landscaping industries to name just a few. Each of those industries has incredible demand for machinery, and it must be in good working order. We take pride in ensuring our clients have access to qualified, professional services when they need it.

If you’ve considered a career in one of the area’s heavy-duty mechanic shops as either an apprentice or a journeyman, we welcome your application.