Calgary Fleet Brake Repair

As any caring truck owner will tell you, keeping a truck maintained and serviced is just as important as keeping it clean and presentable on the outside. This is especially crucial when it comes to the braking system of a large semi-truck. By using J & W Mechanical Fleet Services to perform Calgary fleet brake and repair services, truck owners can be assured of their trucks having a thorough inspection and service on their truck’s brake system.

Truck owners that require a little more than just a basic repair service should look no further than our Calgary brake specialist. Not only will we perform basic repairs on semi-truck braking systems, we will also strip and service each braking component individually to ensure that everything is in good working order. Any braking system components that show signs of fatigue or wear will be replaced by our team of highly qualified diesel mechanics.

While J & W is known for our extensive levels of experience regarding Diesel mechanics, our expertise does not stop there. We are able to perform all forms of repair and routine maintenance on semi-trucks and trailers to the highest quality of standards, including welding and fabrication.  Trucks and trailers not only receive a visual inspection when it comes to braking components. Wheels will be removed from both the truck and trailer in order to perform a proper inspection and repair if deemed necessary. Drums, linings and wheel seals will all be inspected and replaced if there are signs of wear. Once the necessary parts have been replaced, wheels are reinstalled and torqued to the required specifications.

By using the best Calgary brake specialist around, truck owners will be able to have all of their braking repairs and maintenance issues attended to in one place. As any truck owner knows, time spent off the road results in thousands of dollars of lost revenue each day. Repairs carried out at J & W are carried out as efficiently as possible in order making sure that trucks are spending as little time as possible off the road.