Become a Heavy Equipment Technician and Enjoy a Rewarding Career

Become a Heavy Truck Equipment Technician and Enjoy a Rewarding Career

The automotive service sector has grown considerably, but it’s not limited to servicing passenger cars, trucks and vans. At J & W Mechanical Fleet Services, we provide you with the means to enjoy a rewarding career as a heavy truck equipment technician servicing vehicles for our broad range of clients. We’ve seen significant growth during our 15 years in the industry, and we invite you to become part of our family. Whether you’re a journeyman in your own right, or an apprentice working toward earning your professional credentials, we have the job you want.

Why Work With J & W?

What makes J & W Mechanical Fleet Services the right choice for your career as a heavy equipment technician? There’s a range of factors at work here, but we’ll divide them into two spheres – professional benefits and J & W -specific advantages.

Professional Benefits

We’ll start with a look at the professional benefits of joining J & W as a heavy equipment technician. We’re one of the industry’s fastest paced locations, servicing an incredible range of clients. We work with customers in the oil and gas, mining and forestry industry, as well as the transportation, landscaping and farming sectors. Of course, we also service a significant span of customer types. We’re proud to serve local “mom and pop” operations, but we also claim North American corporate-owned fleets as well. From Freightliners to ploughs, we service almost any type of heavy equipment and vehicles imaginable.

Our fast-paced environment provides the challenges you need – downtime isn’t an issue, and our technicians are never bored. You gain invaluable experience with the widest possible range of equipment, but you’ll also gain invaluable experience performing numerous different services and tasks, from fuel system flushes to transmission replacements, brake maintenance and oil changes. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop solution for our clients, and that means lots of work for a heavy equipment technician.

J & W Advantages

What are the advantages to working with J & W not found with other employers? In addition to the fast-paced environment, we’re proud to offer above standard pay for the industry, ensuring that you’re able to earn more per year than with other service providers. We’re also proud of the culture we’ve built – our core tenets of responsible service, striving to provide superior results and always doing our best apply across all aspects of our business, including our relationships with our employees.

As our company has grown, it’s evolved. Today, we have one focus – providing the best possible heavy equipment services for our clients. We’re passionate about perfection, honesty, integrity and quality. If you share that vision, we welcome you as a heavy equipment technician.

J & W was founded back in 1997, and we’ve been incorporated since 2002. We’ve grown considerably, and that growth is far from over. We invite you to come and be part of our family. You can send us your resume and application online, or give us a call at 403-248-1696.