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Our Story

Founded in 1997, J & W® Mechanical Fleet Services is a private family owned and operated heavy duty truck and trailer shop located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As a big truck repair shop, we have been serving the Calgary area Since 2007, and have built a very good reputation in the industry.

At J & W® we believe in customer service and we mean it! For over 20 years we have been providing heavy duty truck and trailer service to hard-working truck drivers, fleets, and individuals. We are proud of the reputation for quality, fairness, and goodwill we have come to be known by and strive to be what’s best for our customers’ needs.

Because we have official Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program licensing, we are well-versed in Alberta truck regulations. We can help our customers to learn what they need to do and know to remain compliant and can conduct CVIP inspections in Calgary and recommend what work needs to be done to stay in good standing with the rules.

If you’re wondering, “What’s the diesel repair near me,” the answer is J&W. We’re one of the best heavy-duty truck shops in Calgary, with reliable, reputable heavy truck repair in Calgary. We keep you on the job, street legal, in good standing with Alberta commercial vehicle regulations.

We are also a Licensed Alberta CVIP facility and must abide by strict standards. In addition to providing Alberta Safety Inspections, we also provide and offer a host of other services.

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